Lee’s Week

The Sibyl invites you to a series of seven exceptional documents posted this week.

The first event posted today is the Interview of Federica Parretti by Laura Terzani (RAI News, 28 septembre 2012) about Vernon Lee and Florence.

Federica Parretti is well-known amongst lovers of art, of Vernon Lee and of Florence. For all of us, her name is associated with that of the superb Villa Il Palmerino (Fiesole) where Vernon Lee spent some of her life and died. This fantastic place is the headquarters of the Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino (http://www.palmerino.it), which develops cultural and artistic projects (conferences, exhibitions, seminars…) aiming at making writers and artists better known, especially women. Among its partners: Advancing Women Artists (AWAF http://www.advancingwomenartists.org/) and Niama (Indian Ocean Association for the Development of Gender Studies; http://niama974.wordpress.com/).

This interview took place during the 2012 Vernon Lee Conference: Violet del Palmerino, Aspetti della Cultura Cosmopolita nel salotto di Vernon Lee, 1889-1935.

We owe the huge success of the Conference to Federica, Stefano, Beatrice, Giuliano, Heidi for their kind hospitality and unfailing support, and are extremely grateful to the Institut Français as well as to the British Institute, where some of the sessions took place. You will soon be able to view the videos that were shot during the conference.

Don’t miss our next issues this week!

23 December 2012: Sophie Geoffroy interviewed by Laura Terzani (RAI News, 28/09/2012).

24 December 2012: a very special Vernon Lee christmas gift.

26 December 2012: sharing Vernon Lee’s christmas celebration, 80 years ago.

27 December 2012: Videos of the Conference Violet del Palmerino, Day 1 (Institut Français, 27 september 2012). Featuring: Cristina Acidini, Sophie Geoffroy, Agnès Deleforge, Geneviève Noufflard.

28 December 2012: Videos of the Conference Violet del Palmerino, Day 2, morning (British Institute, 28 september 2012). Featuring: Phyllis Mannocchi, Mandy Gagel, Ricarda Gerosa, Shafquat Towheed, Richard Cave.

29 December 2012: Videos of the Conference Violet del Palmerino, Day 2, afternoon (Villa Il Palmerino, 28 september 2012). Featuring: Serena Cenni, Laura Desideri, Stefano-Maria Evangelista, Silvio Balloni, Elisa Bizzotto, Alessandro Fambrini, Melissa Pritchard.

Let Lee’s spirit live on and continue to link us through generations and over frontiers!

Sophie Geoffroy

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