“Vernon Lee and Art”, by Carolyn Burdett, an Interview by Sophie Geoffroy, London, 15 October 2019

Dear Members of the  IVLS, Dear Followers of “The Sibyl”, Dear Lovers of Villa Il Palmerino, Dear Friends of Vernon, Mary,  Kit or Irene, Dearest Friends,

We carry on with the publication schedule of our new videos on the Vimeo Channel “Vernon Lee Online”. 

These are the interviews of Patricia PULHAM, Carolyn BURDETT and Ana PAREJO VADILLO by Sophie GEOFFROY. They were filmed in London on 14 and 15 October 2019.

– Since Tuesday 14 January 2020, you have had access to  “Reading and Teaching Lee’s Fantastic Tales” (Patricia PULHAM),

– TODAY, Monday 20 January 2020 please enjoy our second video : “Vernon LEE and Art” (Carolyn BURDETT), https://vimeo.com/385909795

– On Thursday 23 January 2020 : “Experiencing & Performing Art with Vernon Lee” (Carolyn BURDETT),

– On Monday 27 January 2020 : “Two Cosmopolitan Women Writers at the Turn of the Century” (Ana PAREJO VADILLO),

We hope that these movies will be helpful for you in your own studies or your lectures.

We encourage you to make them known for the benefit of Lee Studies.

Come and join us at the International Vernon Lee Society!

Best regards

Gilles Pasquet

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