“The Development of V. Lee’s Politics” by Phyllis Mannocchi

“In the scholarship on Vernon Lee, not much attention has been paid to the fact that as she approached late middle age, Vernon Lee seemed to discover her voice as a political “radical,” a supporter of women’s suffrage, a participant in the anti-war movement, and an expert in international relations. Vernon Lee’s “radical” politics were “natural” to her. After all, she was a “born internationalist,” who had lived in France, Germany, Switzerland, England, and Italy, and was multi-lingual.  After expressing her opposition to the Boer War (1899 – 1902), Vernon Lee began to write more often on social, political, and international issues. WHY is it that we know so little of her writing on these issues during this later period of her life?” asks Phyllis F. Mannocchi.

In the ground-breaking paper which she read at the Violet del Palmerino Conference (27-28 sept. 2012) in the magnificent British Institute, Phyllis F. Mannocchi reveals some of the little-known origins and develoment of Vernon Lee’s radical politics.

The lecture live can be viewed by clicking here (part 1) and here (part 2). The sound recording can be enjoyed here.

Today, The Sibyl is glad to enable you, dear readers, to have access to the text as it was read at the Conference. The final article, complete with all the references and details, will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference, soon to be published in book form.


Sophie Geoffroy

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