Recent Works Relevant to Lee Scholars:

Compiled by Sally Blackburn-Daniels


Heather Bozant Witcher,’Towards Empathy: Vernon Lee’s Psychological Aesthetics’, in Collaborative Writing in the Long Nineteenth Century: Sympathetic Partnerships and Artistic Creation (Cambridge University Press, 2022)

Suzanne Hobson, ‘The Ethics of Unbelief in Vernon Lee and William James’, in Unbelief in Interwar Literary Culture: Doubting Moderns (Oxford University Press, 2022)

Linda Hughes, ‘Queer Borders: Vernon Lee’s Haunted Expatriate Writings’, in Victorian Women Writers and the Other Germany: Cross-Cultural Freedoms and Female Opportunity (Cambridge University Press, 2022)

Kathryn Laing, ‘F. Mabel Robinson, Vernon Lee, and George Moore: The Aesthetics of Sympathy and Texts of Transition’, in Re-Reading the Age of Innovation (Routledge, 2022)

Kristin Mahoney, Queer Kinship After Wilde: Transnational Decadence and the Family (Cambridge University Press, 2022)

Fraser Riddell, Music and the Queer Body in English Literature at the ‘Fin de Siècle’ (Cambridge University Press, 2022)

Alison Stone, Women Philosophers in Nineteenth Century Britain (Oxford University Press, 2023)

Journal Articles and Special Issues

‘Vernon Lee’, Volupté Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies, eds. Sally Blackburn-Daniels, Patricia Pulham, Jane Desmarais (Volume 15, Issue 2, Winter 2022) including:

  • Patricia Pulham and Sally Blackburn-Daniels, ‘Vernon Lee: Decadence, Morality, and Interart Aestheticism’
  • Fraser Riddell, ‘Musical under the touch of the Universe: Aesthetic Liberalism, Music, and Vernon Lee’s Essayistic Art of Resonance
  • Marco Canani, Vernon Lee’s The Ballet of the Nations: A Modern Morality, an Intermedial Mosaic
  • Sally Blackburn-Daniels, From Crystal Palace to the Grand Guignol: Vernon Lee and the First World War
  • Patricia Pulham, Orientalist Aestheticism: Vernon Lee, Carlo Gozzi, and the Venetian Fairy Comedy
  • Michael Craske, Lying Down or Standing Up for Music: Hearing and Listening in Vernon Lee’s Music and its Lovers
  • Meta Witte, Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady

Linda K. Hughes, ‘Vernon Lee: Slow Serialist and Journalist at the Fin de Siècle’, Victorian Literature and Culture (Volume 50, Issue 1, Spring 2022) 

Scholarly Publications

Vernon Lee, The Virgin of the Seven Daggers and Other Stories, ed. Aaron Worth (Oxford World’s Classics, 2022)

Works in Translation

Vernon Lee, Hjemsøgelser [Hauntings] translated Caroline Enghoff (Escho, 2023)

If we have missed your publication, apologies. Please do let us know about your work by getting in touch with Sally Blackburn-Daniels We’d be delighted to add your Lee related writing to our bibliography.

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