Vernon Lee’s relatives, friends, acquaintances

Vernon Lee’s relatives, friends, acquaintances


names referred to in her correspondence

Work in Progress: Thank you for your updates and corrections!


Agnew, Lady

Aïdé, Hamilton

Aislie, Blanche Lady

Alma-Tadema, Sir Laurence, R. A.

Alma-Tadema, Miss

Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina (“Kit”)

Arbuthnot, Mrs

Armfield, Maxwell

Arnold, Matthew


Baring, Maurice

Barrington, Mrs Russell

Battersea, Lady

Beardsley, Aubrey

Beaumont, Somerset

Beckford, William

Beerbohm, Max

Benson, Archbishop and Mrs

Berenson, Bernhard

Basinghard, Sarah

Berington, Miss

Bishop (medium)

Black, Clementina

Black, Grace

Blanc, family

Blind, Mathilde

Blind, Rudolf

Bourget, Paul

Berenson, Mrs (Mary Costelloe)

Boutourline, Peter

Bradley, Katherine (“Michael Field”)

Brown, Horatio

Brown, Ford Madox

Browning, Robert

Brooke, Margaret, Ranee of Sarawak

Broughton, Rhoda


Burne-Jones, Sir Edward

Burne-Jones, Sir Philip

Burns, John

Burton, Sir Frederick

Burton, Isabel Lady


Callander, Mrs

Callwell, Annette (Mrs Wymarch Hooper)

Campbell, Lord and Lady Archibald

Campbell, Lord and Lady Colin

Campbell, Lewis

Carlyle, Thomas

Cash family

Cecil, Lady Gwendolen

Chamberlain, Joseph

Champion (socialist orator)

Chapman, Miss

Churchill, Lord and Lady Randolph

Clapperton, Miss

Clarke family

Clermont, comte de

Clifford, Mrs W K

Clodd family

Cobbe, Frances Power

Cobden, Margaret

Cobden-Sanderson, J. and Annie

Collier, Colonel and Mrs

Comyns-Carr Mrs

Cooper, Edith (“Michael Field”)

Coquelin M.

Costelloe, Mary Smith (later Mrs B Berenson)

Crawford, Oswald

Creighton, Bishop & Mrs

Cropper ,Mrs

Cultwell, Miss Maud

Cunningham, Graham

Currie, Philip Lord

Curtis, Mr and Mrs


Daniel, Dr H O

D’Annunzio, Gabriele

Darmstetter, James

De Hoghten, Lady & family

De Morgan, Mary

De Morgan, William (for Mrs see Pickering, Evelyn)

Dicksee, Sir Franck

Dickinson family


Eliot, George

Ellis, F S

Empress Eugénie


Farina, Flavia Cini

“Field Michael”

Fisher, R C

Fitzgerald, Mrs

Fleeming-Jenkin, Mrs

Forbes-Robertson, Frances

Forbes-Robertson, Norman

Ford family

France, Anatole


Garnett, Richard

Gleichen, Countess Feodor

Gosse, sir Edmund

Graham, William

Green, Mrs John Richard

Grey, Lady de (Marchioness of Ripon)

Grosvenor, Mrs Norman

Gurney, Edward


Hancock, Mrs

Hardy, Thomas

Harland, Henry

Harris “Franck”

Harrison, Frederick

Hauwers, The Rev H R

Hay family

Herbert family

Heskomer, Sir Hubert von

Hillebrand, Karl

Hildebrand, Adolf von

Holdsworth, Annie (later Lee-Hamilton)

Holiday, Henry

Hooper, Mrs Wymarsh  see also Callwell Annette

Houghton, Lord

Hueffer, Francis

Hughes, Mrs

Huxley, Aldous

Hyndman, H M


Irving, Sir Henry


James, Henry

James, William

Jenkin, Capt

Jenkin, Mrs Henrietta

Jenkin, Professor

Jasminham, H E H

Jaune, Lady (Lady St Halier)

Jopling-Rowe, Mrs Louise


Kingsley, Miss (“Lucas Malet”)

Kipling, Rudyard


Landor, Walter Savage

Lang, Mr and Mrs Andrew

Lane, John

Lange, Carl

Lankester, Sir E. Ray

Layard, Sir Henry & Lady

Lee-Hamilton, Eugene

Leighton, Lord

Lemon, Arthur

Levy, Amy

Linton, Mrs Eliza Lynn

Lytton, Lady


M’Carthy, Justin & family

M’Carthy, Justin Huntley

Mac Coll, Norman

Mackail, J W

Mackenzie, Miss Muir

Mallock, W. H.

Marshall, Julian

Mason, Miss

Meredith, George

Meyer, Annie

Middlemore, J F & Mrs Nena

Minghetti, Donna Laura

Monkhouse, W. Cosmo & Mrs

Montebello, Mme de

Moore, George

Moreau, Gustave

Morris, Lewis

Morris William, Mrs & family

Morrison, J Cotter

Mount Temple, Lady

Muller family

Myers, Mrs F W H (Eveleen Tennant)


Nencioni, Enrico

Nevill, Lady Dorothy

Newton, Charles Thomas

Nichols, Bourges

Nordau, Max


Orr, Mrs Sutherland

“Ouida” (Louise de la Ramée)

Oxford, Margaret, Countess of


Pannier family

Pasolini family

Pater, Walter & sisters

Peto family

Petrie, Flinders

Pfeiffer, Emily

Pickering, Evelyn (Mrs Wm de Morgan)

Placci, Carlo

Playfair, Lady

Pollock, Walter Henri

Ponsonby, Lady

Poynter, Miss & Frances

Praz, Mario

Price, family of Dr Bartholomew (Master of Pembroke College, Oxford)

Price, Miss Mable


Quilter, Harry


Raffalovitch family

Rawlinson, Mrs

Read, Melle

Richmond, Sir W B, R. A., & Lady

Ristori, Adelaida

Robinson, Mr and Mrs

Robinson, Mabel

Robinson, Mary F (later Mrs. James Darmstetter, later Mme Duclaux)

Rilchie, M & Mrs Richmond

Rosny, M

Rossetti, Dante Gabriele

Rossetti, Olive

Rossetti, W. & Mrs

Ruffini, M & Mrs

Ruskin, John

Russell, Bertrand


Saint-Helier, Lady (Lady Jeune)

Sala, J A

Sargent, John Singer

Schuster, Mrs

Scott, Mrs

Sellers, Eugénie (Mrs Arthur Strong)

Sermoneta, Duke of

Sharp, William

Shaw, Bernard

Shrewsbury, Countess of

Sidgwick, Henry

Simcox, Miss

Singleton, Mrs

Smedley, Constance (later Armfield)

Smith Pearsall family

Smyth, Dame Ethel

Spaletti, Contessa

Stephen, Leslie


Stevenson, Robert Louis

Stillman, W. J.

Stillma n, Mrs

Stillman, Bella (Mrs J H Middleton)

Stock, Elliot

Strangford Lady

Swanley, Lady (Dorothy Tennant)

Swinburne, Algernon Charles

Symonds, John Addington


Taine; M & Mme

Tennant, Mrs Charles (& daughters Mrs Myers & Lady Stanley)

Terry; Marion

Thomson, Miss “Kit” Anstruther

Thomson; Miss Olive

Thomson; Miss Rosie

Thomson; Mrs Graham

Thornycroft; Hamo, R. A.

Tucker; Miss Mildred

Turner; Mrs Cornelia


Unwin, T Fisher


Vaughan; Kate

Valey; (Velly) Marguerite

Villari, Linda

Vizetelly, Henry

Von Glenh, Mrs


Wagner, Richard

Wakefield, Miss Mary

Ward, M. & Mrs Mary Humphry

Watts, G. F.

Watts-Dunton, F.

Watson, William

Webster, Augusta

Welby, Lady

Wharton, Edith

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill

White, Maude Valerie

Wilde, Oscar

Willis, Irene Cooper

Wimbush, Miss Evelyn

Wolseley, F. M. Viscount & Viscountess

Woods, Mrs Margaret C


Young, Lady & family

Zimmern; Miss Helen

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