Melissa Pritchard

Melissa Pritchard

Melissa Pritchard


Performance in the gardens of the Villa Il Palmerino: Melissa Pritchard will read extracts from her latest novel featuring Vernon Lee as the main character. Music chosen amongst V. Lee’s favourite pieces will be played.

Melissa Pritchard è autrice di narrativa e saggistica e biografa. Ha lavorato come corrispondente di guerra tra le militari americane in Afghanistan e ha ricevuto premi letterari prestigiosi, come il Flannery O’Connor Award e il Janet H. Kafka Prize per la migliore opera di narrativa di scrittrice americana. E’ stata keynote speaker al Centro di Studi Americani a Roma, ha ricevuto il Premio Ortese per la letteratura nordamericana dall’Università di Firenze e ha ottenuto una borsa di studio presso la Fondazione Bogliasco. Writer in residence a Chateau de Lavigny, in Svizzera, fino a poco tempo fa, attualmente insegna all’Arizona State University e ha in progetto un’inchiesta giornalistica sul lavoro minorile.

Melissa Pritchard is the award winning author of seven books of fiction and one biography. She is also an essayist and was embedded as a war journalist with U.S. military women in Afghanistan She has received numerous prestigious literary awards including the Flannery O’Connor Award, several Pushcart and O.Henry Prizes, and the Janet H. Kafka Prize for best fiction by an American woman. She has been a keynote speaker at the Centro di Studi Americani in Rome, received the Ortese Prize in North American Literature from the University of Florence and was a recent Bogliasco Foundation fellow in Liguria. A professor at Arizona State University, she has just completed a writing residency at Chateau de Lavigny, Switzerland and plans to write a journalism piece on forced child labor when she returns home.

2 Responses to Melissa Pritchard

  1. I really like your writing style, good information, appreciate it for posting : D

  2. Nicole Richardson says:

    I am thrilled for this book to be released soon! A long time fan of Melissa Pritchard, this novel promises to be her best yet…

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