Journée Internationale des Droits des Femmes: Educating our Masters (1908-2021)

Educating our Masters (1908)

A Suffragist’s Tour in the North, August 1908

Alice Abadam, 1911- Watercolour-Courtesy of Margaret Vaughan

Bicycle Suffrage Caravan through the North-1908-AAbadam-Courtesy of Margaret Vaughan

Alice Abadam, 1911-Faces-Watercolour-Courtesy of Margaret Vaughan

Alice Abadam, 1911-Names-Watercolour-Courtesy of Margaret Vaughan

Warning from the Police-Alice Abadam-Courtesy of Margaret Vaughan

Alice Abadam, 1911-Watercolour-Opponent and Supporter-Courtesy of Margaret Vaughan

Alice Abadam, nd.

Educating our Masters, 110 years later (2021)







For more about Alice Abadam,  catholic suffragist, talented musician, Vernon Lee’s cousin, and the Abadam family in Carmarthen (Wales), please watch  “Vernon Lee et ses cousins Abadam” (interview of Margaret Vaughan and Jill Davies).

Also of major interest, read the article by Jill Davies :“Violet Paget’s cousin Alice Abadam, an Active Suffragist”

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